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Cycling for clean water

I’m cycling for clean water!

As already mentioned, it’s my goal to raise money for a charity in the environmental / Disaster Relief & Humanitarian field. So for now, I’m happy to announce that I’ve teamed up with the swiss charity Helvetas, to support them by raising money for their exemplary engagement concerning water projects in Asia, Afrika or South America.

I’ve chosen Helvetas because I wanted to fundraise for a swiss charity certified by ZEWO. Zewo certified charities are checked annually to meet different standards. One of these is that donations will be used economically, effectively and for the designated purpose.

I decided to raise for water projects because water is an existential need for everyone. Without water there is no life, it’s as simple as that. In developing countries, the lack of clean water is still an issue and thousands of people, mostly those affected by poverty, are getting sick from drinking dirty water.

I would be very happy that together with you, we can make a change by just helping some of these people to live a healthier life. To make it possible for them to have enough strength and power achieving their own dreams. I also hope to visit one of these projects myself, to show how locals in these regions benefit from those projects.

That said, if you have ever considered spending money for a good purpose, this might be a great way to do so, while I do the kilometers on the bike.

I’m more than thankful for every single donation no matter how big it may be. Together we can make a difference!

Click HERE for more information about the charity and how to join.

Thank you in advance!

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